Ben & Lauren

Venue: Casa la Siesta – Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz)


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Some of the stories told by the protagonists of our wedding videos are not only romantic, original, and exquisite, but also fun.

This is the case that we present today in the blog. The groom, Ben, did not decide to propose to Lauren in any of the most paradisiacal places of any of their trips together, but in front of the bathroom exit of the apartment in which they were living and then it would become their married home.

Ben is a somewhat atypical groom, but with the kindness and style of a gentleman of the past XXth century.

Lauren is that kind of bride that you could find in any Hollywood romantic movie.

The wedding of Ben and Lauren took place in Cádiz, specifically in the privileged environment of “Casa La Siesta” in Vejer de la Frontera.

This time we filmed a wedding video accompanying Ben and Lauren in the first steps as newlyweds, and surrounded by an atmosphere that, despite not being from the South, had that Andalusian family flavor in which everyone knows each other and wants to enjoy the small (and great) moments in life.

Always with the presence of a warm smile, complicity, sincere joy, and that calm that, although it is typical of the South, lives in the hearts of those who know that a wedding where there is love and good wishes can only come out definitely good.

We are passionate about our work, and the wedding between Ben and Lauren in Cádiz is another example of the passion and care that we use when putting into motion, and reporting through the cinema, the stories of couples that are looking for a different, unique, and very special wedding video to remember the day of their marriage.