How do we create the perfect wedding video for you

Before your wedding

We send you a questionnaire just TO KNOW:

  1. You guys (music, movies, hobbies etc). It let us know who are you, what do you like and love, what is your personality and thoughts. This way your wedding video will really fits you.
  2. Your love story (some details about your common story). Knowing the details of your story, help us creating the narrative of your wedding video.
  3. The wedding (schedule and some other details from THE DAY). Having this info, help us not loosing any important detail.

Day before (only ART FILM)*

We meet you (if we didn’t met before), and film some images (INTERVIEWS) that will give us the audio to build the narrative of your wedding video: Longlasting memories of the most important day on your life.

* If you live near the area in Cadiz province we can agree previous recording on other dates.

Day of the wedding


Our main goal is to reflect naturally what happens on your wedding day, with minimal intervention but maximum emotional commitment. Be natural and feel free to ask any doubt or question you have along the DAY: We`ll help you any tim, any moment. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Only people have stories to tell. The wedding video is an excuse to tell yours.

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