28 Jan, 18 Lidia & Juanjo wedding video in Zahara de los Atunes

Destiny is a strange fact, because it loves to play, just like small children. And there are no children in the world who don’t like fairy tales. This wedding video, this story, is undoubtedly one of our favorite tales: Lidia and Juanjo begin their story in Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz).

But do not think it´s a typicall tale, in which a handsome prince is going to kill the ugly dragon, where the goblins are jumping, and there are a wicked witch. No, here you won´t find any of this.

This tale is narrated by Lidia, because, in this story, princesses are the narrators.

Lidia did not have a compass, and that’s why she walked without knowing what horizon she could point to, where to go.

Until one day she met Juanjo, who showed her, that you do not have to set a course, if you get a beach, the sun, and a peek that smiles at you.

The beach of Zahara de los Atunes was the place where they fell in love, where they began to take a course without any compass, creating a family: minutes, moments, and the reflection of the sand always in their eyes.

This place was, precisely, where years later, his marriage took place. And their story was told afresh, at a wedding where Lidia and Juanjo remembered each other once again. Without a compass, as usual, wandering, with the feet on the ground, with the sand under their feet, and the sky above their hearts.

We were only in charge to narrate, as we best know, this story of two, with fragances of sea, mojito, and sweet life; through moving images, so that this tale keep to be told, and to be part of the memories, to create more tales that transport us to joy and the moments time ceases, like the clock that stops in Zahara, at ten minutes to eight.

Video: El Zarrio

Venue: Meliá Atlanterra
Photography: Robe Rodríguez

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