Your wedding video

Basic Video

from 1,900€


Recording with two cameras for not missing anything of your wedding.

No previous interviews. Only wedding day.

Includes preparations of the bride and groom, ceremony, cocktail, banquet, first dance and start of the party.


We use digital cinema equipment, with the best image and sound quality.


Delivery of the video in USB format (High Definition - HD) with: 1) Wedding trailer; 2.-Full wedding video (15-20 minutes).


We upload your trailer (no password) and your wedding video (in private with password) so you can share it with whoever you want.

Cinema-documentary edition.


If you get married out of Cádiz, please ask for traveling expenses.



Recording interviews with the couple and their parents to make a deeper and more complete film

250 €


Recording images before the wedding (for example: lunch / dinner / party with friends, wedding dress test, some images in an important place of your love story and all ideas you can propose us)

250 €


Recording some incredible images from the sky

150 €


1 hour recording your guests funny congratulations during the party for a 5 to 8 minutes clip

350 €


An awesome clip edited the same day of your wedding and showed in front of your guests (no projector included)

550 €


All recorded material in a hard drive so you can keep it forever

395 €


If you get married out of Cádiz, please ask for traveling expenses.

Frequently asked questions

Why should we book a wedding video?

Our brain read the images we see like if we were living the DAY again and make us feel those emotions. It is a unique handmade memento with a modern style made by media professionals, that you will see over and over again. Such an important day in your life deserves a great memory.

How do we hire you?

You can send an mail to or call us at (+34) 650 756 038.

If the day is not booked, you only have to make a deposit of 30% of the price of the wedding video and sign a contract where both parts agree with the terms. Another 30% is paid a week before the DAY, and the rest just before delivering. Travel expenses will be paid with second payment a week before the wedding.

How soon should we book?

The sooner the better. If you like our style, and if you are decided, we recommend booking as soon as posible to save the date. We just make 20 wedding a year and it gets full soon.

Can we meet before the wedding to have chat?

If you live in Cadiz province, make an appointment and we can meet anytime. Our headquarters are in Chiclana and it would be perfect if you visit us.

If you live out of Cádiz, you can mail us or call by phone or Skype any time you like.


Tel: (+34) 650 75 60 38

Skype: paulika28

Do you film destination weddings?

We love traveling and filming wedding videos wherever we are called. Doesn`t matter how far you get married, get in touch with us to ask for travel expenses.

Do you book dates?

Sure. Once the contract is signed and the first payment done, the date is yours.

Are you the ones recording our wedding?

It always be us, Julio and Paula, the ones who assist to your wedding filming. Except cases of force majeure.

How long do you stay during the wedding day?

Almost all day, from both bride & groom preps, until an hour after the first dance. We use to be with you around 10 hours. No rushes.

Do we have to take care of your meal during the wedding day?

During lunch/dinner many nice and funny things happens,s o we like to stay close to you for not loosing anything. As far as possible a decent meal will provided for video team (2 people).

Can we have a wedding video with no interviews?

Yes. If you don’t feel like talking about your story in front of a camera, we will find other ways to create the narrative of your wedding video. We want you to enjoy the procces and we don`t want you to make anything that you don’t feel to.

Can we have all raw footage of the wedding?

If you want to have all recorded material, you can have the original material in a hard drive with 395€ of additional cost.

Do we have to tell you any song for the edition?

We love to know your musical tastes to create the best video that suits your, but the way edition works is not just adding songs on recorded images.The process of choosing the songs, goes with the narrative of the wedding video and depends in what we want to emphasized. So you don’t have to think about it.

When will we receive our wedding video?

Edition is absolutely exclusive handmade, so it will be delivered between 4 and 7 months after your wedding.

Is it possible to make any changes?

Of course small changes are able to do, but not structural ones because of the complexity of the edition. If you want this kind of changes, a fee will be applied.

If you have more doubts, write us to and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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